. pantha du prince :: black noise


pantha du prince :: black noise

i first listened to hendrick weber (aka pantha du prince) when his perfectly named album ‘this bliss’ was released back in 2007.  and it sure is [a bliss] every time any of his tracks is on!  tim finney (pitchfork) couldn’t put it any better, “this bliss hit me hardest during a train ride on a foggy evening. Peering out my window, the electricity poles looming out of the mist and then vanishing again looked like starkly geometrical trees (while the starkly geometrical trees looked like electricity poles), and the fog seemed to press against the window like it wanted inside.”

his newest album ‘black noise’ is coming out on rough trade records in just a few days this february 8, 2010 and it is definitively worth checking out.

‘black noise’ also features a couple of special guests…noah lennox (aka panda bear) of animal collective sings on “stick to my side” and tyler pope of !!! and lcd soundsystem plays bass on “the splendour”.

listen to a couple of tracks from his upcoming album right here!

. pantha du prince :: the splendour

. pantha du prince :: behind the stars

click here: listen to ‘black noise’ by pantha du prince @rough trade records


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